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[AUDIO] Nicole’s duet with Jung Il Woo  ’Rain Tears Instead' for 'The Night Watchman' OST

Jiyoung scans for Non-no Magazine
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Jiyoung with Horikita Maki reading the script of Higanbana
Jiyoung at the set of Assassination Classroom
Jiyoung as Irina Jelavić for Assassination Classroom

[!!] Jiyoung to star in “Assassination Classroom” Movie

It was announced that Jiyoung will star in the manga to movie adaptation of “Ansatsu Kyōshitsu” (Assassination Classroom) to hit the theaters March of 2015.

Based from popular manga of Matsui Yuusei, Assassination Classroom tells the story of a different kind of homeroom teacher who came to earth to teach the students of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School on different ways of assassination. The students of Class 3-E (End class) were entrusted by the Japanese government to kill their teacher for the prize of 10 Billion Yen before graduation and before he can destroy the earth. However, the task have been proven difficult as their “Korosensei” possessed several inhuman capabilities.

Jiyoung will play the role of Irina Jelavić, a professional hitwoman who is hired to kill Korosensei by becoming a part-time foreign language teacher in class 3-E. She uses her charms to seduce Korosensei, making him at first obeys to whatever she asks. She is nicknamed “Bitch-sensei” after Karma shortened her name when she told them to call her “Jelavic-onēsama.” It is a pun; the -vić in her name is pronounced -bitchi because of the students’ accent.

It was said that Jiyoung’s ability in English and Japanese was pivotal in her being casted for this role.

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I got the link! Thank you so much. Jiyoung was so glorious in that ear ;; and please take your time with my request haha. No rush needed ^^ Again, thank you so much!

Yes, she was stunning with the black hair, just perfect ♥ you’re welcome and I’ll work hard on your request ok?

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Kind of birthday’s letter to our only and one isonjing *o*

Today is a really great day and it should be celebrated in the whole country, firstly for the ones who are Jiyoung’s lovers like her! I’m not good on anything so I will just write firstly because it’s like that we can communicate (?)…

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